Thursday, February 8, 2007

What a Faithful God We Serve

Ramon Gabriel and his family moved to Santiago over 20 years ago. When they arrived in Hoya Del Caimito, Gabriel and Tata immediately wanted to make a difference in the community. Gabriel made up his mind to begin a little primary school for the children in the area. He borrowed money, bought the land the school sits on today, and built a wooden structure. Year after year the school and ministry would grow and Gabriel would continue adding on to the wooden shack.

In 1994, the government informed Gabriel that he could not hold school in the wooden shack any more. This is when G.O Ministries sprang into action, joined Gabriel and his family, and decided to re-build the school to fulfill the dream of this Pastor. G.O began the first floor of the building...Praise Jesus! During the first year of the building process, the children were meeting with no lights, no windows, and no doors. In 1995 we finished the first floor and each year following we began to build up!

The school began with only a hand full of kids and today has over 400 students. More than 120 students recieve a free education at this private Christian school because of faithful supporters who so generously give. Another 120-140 children pay just a few dollars a month and the rest pay 5 to 10 dollars monthly. With this system, every child recieves books, supplies, a Christian education, love, and encouragement!

The school continues to run because of partnerships between the child and you! Thank you!
The goal is to have every child sponsored. This will allow the parents to pay only what they can.